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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Little Man is 22!!

Jacob's birthday is tomorrow January 22. I wanted to put a couple of pictures of him on this here little blog, but it was hard to pick just a couple so here is the very "cut down" version of my chosen pictures.

Happy Birthday Jacob. I count it a privilage and an honor to be called "Mom". I love you.

Jacob and Johnathan went to Taiwan for James' wedding just after Christmas.

In Taiwan with a group of Aborigine (sp?) kids from a village.

Recieving his boyscout awards.

Climbing in Squaw Peak in AZ.

At the theme park on the Strip in Vegas.

Having fun with dad shooting his gun.

On the San Francisco Bay.

At the karate compitition in some casino.

Giving his little sister (Rachel) huggs, cuz Mom's watching.

A day at the park.

In the mountains for the day with Mom and Rachel.

Climbing our new tree with dad in our new backyard.

Watching dad in the tree.

This is an all-time family favorite. This is the day after mine and Scott's wedding, which Jacob was in. He spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa while we were on our honeymoon. Jacob was so wound up from the exciting day that he had a hard time winding down that night. My dad said he ran around the back yard howling at the moon until 3 in the morning. This is what he looked like when Grandma (not knowing he was up all night) got him up for breakfast. Too funny!!

At the reception that was held at Mark and Debbie's house.

Telling Grandpa (his hero, by the way) all about the cool limo ride he just went on to get to the chapel. He rode with his dad and Uncle Mark.

Dressed just like Daddy. These tux's had tails too. He was so adorable.

Riding the go-cart at Aunt Sharon's house with dad.

At the circus with dad.

On the road trip with Grandpa to Texas.

One of many funny Christmas celebrations.

Playing in the mountains with Grandma and Grandpa.

Climbing Red Rock.

The cutest baby boy on earth!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My New Year

But first a couple of pictures of Christmas Eve, which was our Christmas Day since Jacob was leaving. I was not in the wrapping mood this year (or any other year for that matter) so I had mentioned a treasure hunt. I don't know where my brain had taken a vacation to at that moment. You see I happened to mention that in front of Leah (my "never-run-out-of-energy" child) and she was thrilled. By the time it came to actually do the work of trying to figure out riddles and hiding places I was WAY not in the mood for that. Leah was OK with that because it meant she could do all the "fun" work. Let me tell you she did a wonderful job too. The only problem was that she was kind of tired (no I didn't say weepy) and it was not exactly as she had planned. She did such a good job that Scott and Jacob had to get into the fun. That can be dangerous to a very weepy (I mean tired) little sister. We had one or two little mishaps with the clues, but recovered and had great fun finding Rachel's Christmas present.

Scott and Jacob after they had been banished from playing in the treasure hunt.

Jacob saying sorry to Leah after blurting out a clue that Rachel didn't hear anyway. ;)

Scott, just before he was ousted.

Leah feeling better.
Rachel reading her last clue before finding her new stereo.
Last but not least Scott and Jacob playing. ;)

Wow another new year! God is good, His mercies are renewed each morning, each week, each month and each new year. What would you like to resolve this year? I think I just want to simplify my life. I don't want to think of bills, dirty dishes, laundry or bathrooms. I don't want to have to think of alarm clocks, schedules, mopping my floor (which I'm not good at anyway), or going to work everyday. Well since that will not be possible this side of Heaven I think I'll try something a little more realistic. I want to spend more time with God this year. I want to renew my mind on His word and His promises. I want to tell my family (all of my family) how much I love them as much as possible.

I see tons of people each and every day. Most of them are without peace and hope. I would like to be a shining example of God's love. I want them to know that if He can love me after I've broken ALL of his commandments that He can love them too. I want to show them that loving God is so much better than the things they have to give up; like bitterness, loneliness, selfishness and bad attitudes or behaviors. Add secrets to that list. Telling my story (which I didn't do for over 20 years) is very hard and I would rather not do it most times, but each time I do God blesses me. He is glorified for sure, because my part in that little bit of history is the bad part. When people see the way I am now (which is ALL God's doing) and hear me tell my story, His power is evident in their faces. His seed of love and grace is planted. The wonder of grace is in their eyes. I am so blessed to be a witness to that. I'll say it again God IS good!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Little Christmas Season

This year we decided to try to save as much money as we could so Scott said we would be getting the Christmas tree down from the attic. Don't get me wrong, I love my artificial Christmas tree, I just didn't cherish the work involved with that tree. Climbing the stairs to drag down a huge box, unpacking and assembling, then "fluffing" it up. Not to mention all the dust on the tree that would have to be sprayed off with the water hose. I just was not looking forward to that task so I mentioned it to Scott and he took me out right away to pick out a live Christmas tree. Isn't he a dear :). It ended up being just the two of us. I had envisioned all five of us going and making it a night out, but that didn't work out, the only ones free to go Christmas tree shopping was Scott and I. It was UNUSUALLY cold that night and I was reminded of Christmases in Vegas when our children were little and I was MUCH younger. Christmas time had so many mixed emotions. First was the magic of the season, all the decorations, gifts, lights and yes even Santa Clause. Then there were the not so good memories. Drinking too much, fighting and just stupid stuff.

I don't talk about a lot of things from the past. Most of it I don't even like to remember. But when I look at where I am today and how far I've come from that world I am truly amazed. Sometimes when I listen to Scott talk in Sunday school, or in a group of people I can feel tension. Not sure if it's just me because I lived it with him or if it's the people listening to his story. I'm sure that some are thinking that there is no way some of the things he talks about could be true, but I am a witness to the life we lived before Christ and the transformation in both of our lives and I know that I know that I know it is true. Jesus Saves.

Just think of it!! He came down to where we are. He left the splendor of Heaven to walk among us. He came as a lowly baby born to a very young, poor girl who chose to believe what the angel said to her. She was surely in a "crisis" pregnancy, but chose to submit to the will of the God of the universe, to the God of her fathers, a being she had never seen with here eyes. She had faith. Think about it for a minute. Mary could have lost her life. According to her customs she should have been "put away", but chose to believe even if she had to do it alone. Not only did she have to face her family and her betrothed, but the whole community would have known. Can you imagine the whispers and the looks she must have gotten.

Yes I even filter the story of the birth of Jesus through my abortion filter. Abortion has been around since way before Christ and Mary could have chosen to "fix" her problem. I'm very sure she had strong beliefs and followed the customs and traditions of her time. But just think with me for a minute. She was very human, just like you and I. She had the same fears that any young woman would have had. Now think of the women (and men too) sitting in the churches all over the globe. They too are very human and most of them have a strong belief in God, but some of them (some is a very generous word here and I am included in that number) have fallen into the trap that Satin set for them. God gave them a gift of a precious life growing within them and Satan went to work. He assured them that they would be whispered about, that people would surely ridicule and mock so they bought into the lie that the "pregnancy" could be fixed and that "little" problem would go away. The truth about abortion is the loss of a precious life and the unbelievable damage to the souls of the parents of that child. But Mary gave us hope. Jesus came so that we could be reconciled with God, so that one day we would be able to see our children in heaven.

I had only intended to post a few pictures of our house and Leah's field trip to help feed the homeless, but got caught up in my little story. Hope you don't mind. I'll post these fun pictures too :)

Even the dog got in to the fun.

Our little Christmas tree all lit up.

Leah's class took a field trip to a park where a lady started an organization where they feed the homeless. She had a lot of fun and some very sad stories to tell. She is very much like her Daddy and her Aunt Sherry, meaning she knows NO stranger. Here are some of her new friends.

Jacob is planning to go to Taiwan on Christmas day and stay for a couple of weeks. Can't wait for the pictures. I'll be sure to post some more Christmas photos too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Leah May!!!

What a privilege it is to have a small part in an amazing life!!
Here's Leah's big brother giving her help with her candles!!???
This is the birthday party crew. They're ice skating and having gobbs of fun. This little party takes about an hour to drive to so most of the fun is in the car on the way there and home too.
Lunch at Sonic's after two and a half hours of skating.
Now a little stroll down memory lane.
Leah's "candy-begging" costume. She did it all herself, wig, eyelashes, wings and all.
Jacob visiting Leah at PE.
Sitting on the front porch of Grandma's beautiful home in Odessa, TX.
Her favorite chickens. We had to get rid of them and she was so sad.
Sitting pretty in the window at our old house in Las Vegas.
Swimming with Sissy in Uncle Mark and Aunt Debbie's pool.
Playing with all of Sissy's stuffed animals.
Playing in the water after the rain.
This is absolutely the funniest thing Leah did.
I had thrown away all of her bottles, rings, and nipples since she was old enough to drink from a cup "like a big girl". I had finished cleaning the kitchen and was in the living room and out of sight. Leah must have walked by the garbage can and saw all those precious bottles in there. She was just tall enough to see over the top. By the time I had made my way back to the kitchen she was having a ball with all those lost treasures. She tried to pick them all up at the same time, putting all the nipples in her mouth that she could.
My very self confident toddler :)

A Baby's Prayer